Stereolithography for 3D prototypes

Stereolithography (SLA) is a rapid prototyping process for the creation of prototypes using a layer-by-layer liquid resin subjected to polymerisation.

This particular type of working is a useful instrument to create 3D prototypes and small series components, ensuring the extremely high precision and finishing levels are achieved. For this reason, this moulding procedure is especially used for the production of aesthetic and medical prototypes.

There are no dimensional limits to this technology thanks to the possibility of post production working including tasks such as sandblasting, smoothing, embossing, painting and covering with metal coatings. The maximum dimensions for the creation of particular monoliths are instead 2100x700x800 mm.

Our company specialises in the execution of custom stereolithographic procedures for the production of prototypes and components, even in small series. Contact us to discover our services and to use the consultancy of our team.  We will be fully available to assist you.


Materials for SLA


Ideal applications

Stereolithography is an extremely useful resource for the creation of models and prototypes with the utmost attention to every single detail. By carefully selecting the materials to be used, it is in fact possible to achieve high levels of correspondence with the initial design, without overlooking any detail, whether aesthetic or practical.

This 3D rapid prototyping procedure is in fact especially and exceptionally suited to the creation of:

  • Aesthetic prototypes with high levels of finish;
  • Aesthetic prototypes that require the presence of fine details;
  • Transparent prototypes.

It therefore represents an excellent way of creating items associated with sectors that require high levels of precision such as those of automotive,  medical and product design.


Extreme precision finishes

SLA represents an extremely useful work process for the creation of 3D prototypes that require the achieving of high quality standards, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view.

Resins in fact allow the reaching of exceptionally high levels of finish, suitable for the use of complex shades, textures and consistencies, supporting the creation of highly defined models and prototypes and with the utmost attention to every single detail.

By using our services, you will have access to customisation procedures that will allow you to use prototypes that perfectly meet your needs, guaranteeing you perfect conformity with the initial drawing. Our team will guide you towards the choice of materials able to perfectly satisfy the needs of practicality and aesthetics.

Contact us to receive further information and to request a detailed quote.  We will provide you with the assistance you require.