Additive Manufacturing for small series

The use of Additive Manufacturing (AM) entails the use of a variety of technologies, obtaining products that consist of the joining of multiple layers, carefully controlled through the use of a management software that divides the initial 3D CAD model into dedicated sections. 

This particular type of working is extremely advantageous in defining 3D prototypes for samples belonging to the sectors of motor racing and of product design. 

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The advantages of small series

The use of Additive Manufacturing is a particularly advantageous procedure for the production of prototypes and small series. First and foremost, additive technology offers the possibility of also creating prototypes with particular shapes that cannot be produced through the application of individual technologies. Secondly, it is an excellent expedient for the creation of small series prototypes and in fact effectively reduces both costs and production times, opening up the possibility of reduced “time to market”. 

Reduce launch times

The creation of 3D prototypes foresees the performing of test phases, useful to optimise the product itself, making it more functional. It is thus possible to cut costs and production times, while reducing the time needed to launch the product itself. 

The tests we perform involve examining small series prototypes which combines to limit the possibility of imperfections, supporting the production process through the definition of the finish product, ready to reach the reference market. 

Produzione interna prototipi-per-product-design

We produce your small series

Achieving the definition of small series is therefore fundamental to be able to proceed with the creation of the product itself. For this reason, it is good to use the services of a team of true professionals within the sector. 

Choosing our service for the creation of prototypes and small series, you can take advantage of an extremely detailed technical design followed by a production phase that perfectly respects the initial design. 

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