Additive technologies for companies

We are a service active for the reaction of additive technologies for companies, designed on the basis of specific needs and above all taking into account the achieving of the right efficiency and quality standards.

In fact, we deal with the production of third-party 3D components, belonging to various sectors: automotive, product design, motorsport, biomedical and reverse engineering. We carefully pay attention to every single detail for our products to guarantee the use of components that are perfectly functional and that respect your needs.

In fact, we guarantee very high standards, in terms of practicality and pure aesthetics, creating elements that are capable of best supporting you.

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Particular interiors, such as doors, components linked to design, the creation of exhibit elements that successfully enhance the chosen aspects: each individual details must contribute to the creation of models with the right technical and aesthetic characteristics.


Motorsport and Racing

 Creating a prototype for motorsport means creating the basis for the production of elements with a set of necessary characteristics to achieve truly high-performance levels with the definition of elements that perfectly respects the needs of functionality and design.



The creation of 3D elements for the medical industry requires a millimetric precision level, thus guaranteeing perfect conformity with the project design and with their purposes, best supporting the various operations in which they are used.


Product Design

Our 3D prototypes are designed to guarantee high levels of efficiency standards, combining meticulous care in terms of aesthetics with defining of products of the right mix between design and actual functionality for elements that respect the reference expectations.

Focus on quality

All our creations follow an extremely detailed process and are modelled on the basis of your specific needs to achieve the definition of elements that are able to best support your work requirements and to offer you components that perfectly respect your needs.

We use only and exclusively first quality materials, which makes it possible to create those elements that are needed to offer high efficiency standards.


Adequate support

With our services, you will receive adequate support at every single stage, achieving the creation of 3D components that perfectly meet the required characteristics and achieve the quality standards use for correct operation.

Our technical department will take on your request, considering the technical characteristics present.

Contact us to find out more and to receive a detailed quote.  We are completely available to assist you.