Supplier of prototypes for motorsport

The motorsport sector requires the definition of each individual detail from a purely technical perspective with reference to details linked to the design.

SCP in fact started out as a supplier of prototypes for a number of important Formula 1 and motorcycling teams, progressively making a name among the most popular services for rapid prototyping.

In particular we deal with the creation of:

  • Pieces of bodywork and complete bodywork structures to perform wind tunnel tests.
  • Functional components for preliminary tests and assessments;
  • Components that require high surface quality.

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Preliminary evaluation test

The creation of elements for motorsport requires extreme attention to every single detail to be able to proceed with the definition of elements that perfectly meet the established functionality and design needs.

In this sense, the definition of perfectly functional prototypes contributes to the creation of elements that completely conform to the pre-determined technical and aesthetic characteristics. Prototypes speed up the performing of tests that will contribute to achieving the relevant goals within the necessary deadline.

Safe functionality and design

Creating a prototype for motorsport means creating the basis for the production of elements with a set of necessary characteristics to achieve truly high-performance levels.

Every single detail must contribute to the definition of cars and motorbikes, able to satisfy increasingly high-quality standards, contributing to the success of an entire team.


Trust our Team

The choice of the right team to use for the creation of prototypes holds a role of primary importance especially within such a competitive sector.

Choosing our team, you will be using our many years of experience, cutting-edge equipment and highly qualified technicians.

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