Galvanising of Prototypes

Prototype galvanisation is an additive technique that aims to makes objects more resistant through the application of a metal cladding. The metal coating in fact is created on objects that have already been worked using other rapid prototyping techniques such as laser sintering (SLS) or stereolithography (SLA). 

The metal coating of polymeric components refers to various types of metals, including nickel and copper. The galvanisation process is extremely useful for the creation of resistant prototypes and mechanical items and with a careful definition of the details. 

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Metal Plus: ideal applications

Metal Plus is a professional galvanisation process, with attention down to the very last detail. The aim is to combine dimensional precision with the design freedom, increasing the performance of the same object. 

Using this technique, it is in fact possible to achieve the creation of prototypes with elegant and much lighter finishes. Metal Plus also guarantees wide design freedom, ensuring the creation of items in complete conformity with the initial design. For this reason, this process is especially used for the creation of prototypes that belong to sectors such as that of automotive and product design. 


Greater resistance, improved performance

The galvanisation process is very useful for the definition of extremely detailed items and with high resistance levels, obtained through the use of a carefully selected metal cladding selected based on the specific characteristics of the item in question. 

The extreme versatility of this technique and its ability to increase the performance of a certain object consecrate it as a very useful procedure for the creation of prototypes with high finishing levels. 

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