3D mould for medical devices

Over the years we have specialised in the 3D moulding of components for medical devices and for biomedical industry equipment, creating rapid prototyping components, defined down to the last millimetre.

Our objective is to optimally support the action of medical-healthcare personnel by defining elements that perfectly meet the needs of the intended hospital machineries.

Contact us for further information.  Our technical department will support you in defining the components in complete conformity with the pre-established quality standards.

Stampa-in-3D-per-apparecchi medicali

Biocompatible materials

To create medical and biomedical industry prototypes, we only use certified materials that respect the intended products. The use of biocompatible materials makes it possible to test the capabilities of the above-mentioned prototype at the highest level possible, thus enabling us to intervene with the prompt identification of imperfections and the necessary correction.

The use of this type of material provides for the creation of elements with all the necessary characteristics for the actual use.

Components defined down to the last details

The creation of 3D elements for the medical industry requires a truly high precision level, which guarantees perfect conformity with the project design and with their purposes. In this context, we envisage the use of materials and of professional equipment for the definition of components with attention down to the smallest detail, achieving the definition of completely ergonomic and functional 3D items.


Experience, professionalism and precision

Thanks to the experience gained within the sector, we have become more and more familiar with the creation of 3D components thus, ensuring complete conformity with the pre-established technical characteristics and standards.

Choosing our prototypes for medical and biomedical industry means using a team of sector professionals and cutting-edge equipment able to guarantee extreme levels of precision.

Contact us to receive further information and assistance of our technical department.  We are completely available to assist you.

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