TuskXC2700W / Tusk2700T

The ideal resin for prototypes that require characteristics similar to ABS and to PBT. Its mechanical characteristics allow applications for functional prototypes with small loads and that are water-resistant. TheTusk T variant differs in the aesthetic aspect as it is transparent and, therefore, ideal for prototypes in which this characteristic is required. 



A resin with generally good mechanical characteristics, especially regarding the resistance to impact and breakage lengthening. It is also suitable for applications such as equipment and for the replacement of parts worked with CNC machineries. 


Rigid and robust parts with a high thermal resistance, suitable for wind tunnel tests in aerospace and automotive applications. It has a superior quality in the beading together with an exceptional resolution in the details which make it ideal for metal plating and for the rapid creation of tools for injection moulding. 



ProtoGen is a liquid photopolymer, similar to ABS, that produces precise prototypes, suitable for a huge range of applications.
It in fact offers wide freedom in working, thus making it ideal for use in the medical, electronics, aerospace and automotive industries that require it: 

  • Precision models for silicone moulds (RTV); 
  • Long-lasting aesthetic models; 
  • Extremely precise components.