Selective laser sintering

The process of selective laser sintering  (SLS) is a rapid prototyping technique that is able to make use of layer upon layer powder sintering for the creation of extremely defined functional 3D models. 

This procedure uses high power laser to sinter small polymer particles and to achieve the definition of a perfectly functional, solid and defined 3D prototype. The extreme versatility of this work process will allow you to achieve high quality standards, becoming a process that is, in fact, able to obtain the creation of independent structures such as moving parts and more complex elements. 

SLS does not have dimensional limits as the prototype is cut and re-glued during the post-production phase with the use of two-component adhesives. The maximum dimensions of a monolith prototype are instead 350x330x420 mm. 

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Materials for SLS


Ideal applications

Laser sintering is an essential procedure for the creation of products with mechanical properties and with a high level of functionality. It therefore lends itself well to the undertaking of defining 3D models and of series prototypes of complex parts. In particular we can state: 

  • Completely functional prototypes with mechanical properties comparable to parts made with injection moulding. 
  • Large prototypes (no dimensional limit) and with complex geometries; 
  • Small pre-series productions, replacing injection moulding; 
  • Complex design prototypes, with honeycomb and organic structures. 

It is therefore the ideal procedure for the construction of complex elements that need to guarantee the reaching of certain levels of practicality. 


Practicality and aesthetics

The items obtained through laser sintering must be impeccable structures that are able to guarantee the reaching of high-performance levels within their field of application. 

At the same time, however, they must ensure equally high finish levels to guarantee the definition of 3D components with extreme attention down to the smallest details, allowing the use of aesthetically defined elements. 

Choosing our services, you can rely on a complete personalisation with custom design phases with the aim of offering you practical elements with, however the right aesthetic appearance. 

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