Design of prototypes

The definition of prototypes is performed in perfect conformity with the right characteristics that are useful for their correct operation. We deal with CAD/CAM design and also 3D moulding design for the manufacture for 3D moulds and models intended for industrial production. 

Our technical design department aims to support the creation of models that respect the required characteristics of functionality and design. We create the technical design of models and samples for the industrial production following the requests of the customer. 

Contact us to receive further information and to request a detailed quote.  We will provide you with the assistance you require. 


Advantages of design

The design phase is of fundamental importance for the creation of 3D prototypes for industrial production to obtain the guarantee of the production of a prototype that perfectly conforms to the initial design through a series of measures. 

First and foremost, the design is essential to limit the margin of error in the subsequent work phases. Secondly, this phase allows the optimisation and personalisation of the prototype itself, guaranteeing the perfect correspondence between the prototype and the initial idea, combining functionality and design. Finally, a good technical design means reducing the times and the production costs, reducing waste and consequently the need for raw materials. 

Additive manufacturing consultancy

Additive Manufacturing is a technique that combines a wide range of technologies, allows the creation of functional prototypes that are extremely complex but at the same time defined. 

By choosing our technical consultancy services, you will have available a team of qualified professionals that will carefully analyse the needs of your company, preparing the set of measurements necessary to offer you the right support at the right time in defining elements characterised by high levels of performance in terms of functionality and aesthetics. 


Achieve your objectives

The launching of a new product must be nurtured down to the last detail and must therefore include dedicated phases of servicing and of testing in order to create elements that perfectly meet expectations. 

Using our consultancy, you will be able to receive concrete proposals in a short space of time and that fully respect the quality standards required and achieved the pre-determined objectives.