Rapid high-quality prototyping

We deal with the design and creation of high-quality pre-series and prototypes, taking all the necessary measurements so that our clients are able to achieve high levels of performance suitable for the various intended uses, even with complex geometries.

Through the use of additive manufacturing, we guarantee the definition of components that are finely worked, down to the last detail and that are perfectly functional, both from a practical and strictly aesthetic point of view.

We make components for various sectors of application: automotive, mechanical industry, racing and design. Contact us to receive further information and to request a detailed quote.  We are completely available to assist you.


Additive manufacturing: guaranteed performance

The use of additive manufacturing facilitates the tasks of design and the creation of perfectly functional 3D prototypes, in conformity with the characteristics set out within the initial drawing.

This procedure is in fact very useful for the creation of extremely defined series components and suitable for various sectors of application.

Pre-series design and creation

Our technical department is available to design 3D series prototypes, using materials and procedures that are perfectly suited to the requirements of use.

Choosing our services, you will receive the assistance at each stage of the production process, ultimately resulting in the creation of elements that combine functional and aesthetic characteristics.


It’s the material that makes all the difference

In order to define components that are perfectly suited to the work requirements, we use material that we produce, carefully selecting them according to the method of use and its purposes.

Would you like to know more? Contact us to request a detailed quote.  We will provide you with the support you require.

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