Moulding of industrial prototypes

Over the years, our company has specialised in the creation of completely customised industrial prototypes, ensuring the very rapid creation of 3D high-definition components.

Using the various rapid prototyping technologies, we aim to reduce the resources used, significantly reducing the cost linked to the production process and the production times.

We also carefully select the materials to be used, choosing between the different types of nylon and resin, such as simil abs and pbt, considering the production methods and the pre-established result.


The right support

Our aim? To reliably and professionally support the companies that decide to use our services, offering them the opportunity to make use of construction methods and materials that perfectly respect their production needs.

To achieve this, we carefully plan the intervention methods and the material chosen, focusing solely and exclusively on obtaining quality results.

Defined industrial models

Based on the initial technical drawing, we develop a fully customised process of design and production, using the right materials and the technologies to achieve the quality standards and the required aesthetics.

The creation of 3D prototypes in fact requires extreme attention to every single detail to facilitate the procedure of tests and of preliminary evaluation, faithfully replicating the properties of the item that will then be produced in series, offering the possibility of making both structural and design changes.


Efficiency and speed

Choosing to use our services means being able to put your trust in the custom production of 3D prototypes through the use of various types of rapid prototyping, the aim of which is to create elements that are extremely functional and that perfectly respect the required aesthetic characteristics, resulting in the definition of components that perfectly meet the work needs present.

Contact us to receive further information and to receive a detailed quote.  We will provide you with the assistance you require at every single stage of the process.

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