Automotive prototyping

The automotive sector requires continuous innovations for the creation of ever more avant-garde elements both from a technical perspective and with reference to the same design.

In this sense, rapid prototyping is an actual prerogative for the creation of cars and motorbikes with attention down to the last detail.

Specifically, we deal with the production of prototypes on a 1:1 scale of components such as:

  • Conveyors;
  • Engine items for overall dimensions tests;
  • Bodywork components: doors, hoods, bodywork models, plates, aesthetic details etc;
  • Internal components: door panels, dashboard, internal plastics etc;
  • Details for exhibits and architectural models.

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The importance of prototypes

The creation of prototypes plays a vital role in the automotive industry to carefully plan each phase of the process towards the definition of products with attention down to the last detail.

Ensuring the definition of prototypes therefore facilitates the creation of small sketches to achieve the creation of ergonomic models with the possibility of checking the relevant correct operation and the relative aesthetic impact, containing costs and reducing the times linked to the entire production process.

Items with the utmost attention to detail

In the automotive industry, the definition of an attractive design is supposed to be in line with the car model and the intended original design.

The creation of 3D prototypes supports the creation of elements with attention down to the last detail.

We develop components ranging from doors to internal components with a strong design impact that successfully enhance the chosen aspect: each individual detail must contribute to the creation of models with the right technical and aesthetic characteristics.


Choose the professionals

The creation of prototypes for the automotive industry requires the use of suitable equipment and of carefully selected materials to achieve the definition of extremely defined element.

If you rely on us, you will receive  constant assistance tailored to your specific needs in order to guide you towards the creation of products that are perfectly in line with your needs.

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