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The use of 3D prototypes created by means of rapid prototyping techniques has over the years become a consolidated practice in many sectors of the market.
The performing of preventive check tests and procedures through the use of such highly developed prototypes, sophisticated from the point of view of aesthetics and functionality, provides for the creation of an extremely precise finished product, one that perfectly fulfils the envisaged functions.

We deal with the creation of 3D prototypes through procedures of finely designed moulding and additive manufacturing, using a variety of technologies including SLASLS and DMLS.

Our services refer to numerous sectors of application: Automotive, motorsport and racing, medical and product design, thereby becoming the ideal partner for the definition of custom elements combined with high efficiency standards.

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Rapid prototyping

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Stereolithography – SLA

Stereolithography is a useful instrument to create 3D prototypes and small series components, ensuring the extremely high precision and finishing levels are achieved. For this reason, this moulding procedure is especially used for the production of aesthetic and medical prototypes.


Laser sintering – SLS

Selective laser sintering (SLS) is an extremely versatile rapid prototyping technique and is able to make use of layer upon layer powder sintering for the creation of extremely defined functional 3D models. It therefore lends itself well to the creation of 3D models and of series prototypes of complex parts.


Metal sintering – DMLS

Metal sintering (DMLS) is a rapid prototyping technology that is extremely useful for the creation of perfectly functional prototypes, excluding the use of additional equipment. This technique contributes to the correct operation of the same.


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The automotive sector requires continuous innovations for the creation of ever more avant-garde elements both from a technical perspective and with reference to the same design. Using 3D prototypes means being able to test and verify various development options both from the functional and the aesthetic point of view.


Motorsport and Racing

The creation of components for motorsport requires extreme attention to every single detail to proceed with the definition of elements that perfectly meet the established functionality and design needs. In this sense, the use of prototypes that are perfectly functional with pre-established technical and aesthetic characteristics becomes a matter of paramount importance.



Our objective is to optimally support the action of medical-healthcare personnel by defining elements that perfectly meet the needs of the intended hospital machineries. We only use biocompatible materials suited to the intended products, paying attention to every single detail of the various prototypes.


Product Design

Industrial design requires attention down to the last single detail in order to guarantee the creation of components that are perfectly functional and at the same time that are able to satisfy the existing aesthetic needs. We guarantee you the use of elements in complete conformity with the design drawing and with the required characteristics.

Additive manufacturing

. 01Limit-free design

. 02Aesthetic, complex and functional details

. 03The creation of prototypes and small series

. 04Increased production speed

. 05Reduction in errors and imperfections

. 06Green Industry


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